Focp smart monocrystalline silicon single flange level transmitter

Single flange level transmitter

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Product • Advantages

Performance characteristics of single flange level transmitter
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Product name Single flange level transmitter Application Liquid, gas, steam
Measuring range 0~10Mpa Accuracy class 0.075%
Power supply voltage 24V DC Output signal 4~20Ma、HART
Ambient temperature -20~55℃ Relative humidity 5%~90%
Diaphragm material 316L、Hastelloy Protection class IP65
Code Name
Focp Single flange level transmitter
Code Instruction
  0 Negative pressure
  1 Gauge Pressure
  2 Absolute pressure
  Code Measuring range
  1 0-0.06~0.3KPa
  2 0-0.25~1.5KPa
  3 0-1.2~7.2KPa
  4 0-6~36KPa
  5 0-30~180KPa
  6 0-160~1000KPa
  7 0-400~2500KPa
  8 0-1600~10000KPa
  9 0-4000~25000KPa
  0 0-7000~40000KPa
  Code Type 1
  0 Standard type
  1 Simplex flush flange type
  2 Duplex flush flange type
  3 Simplex insertion flange type
  4 Duplex insertion flange type
  5 One-flush and one-insertion flange type
  Code Flange specifications
  0 DN25
  1 DN50
  2 DN80
  3 Other specifications
  Co Type 2
  0 Ordinary type
  1 Ordinary smart type (HAR communication)

Product• Installation Drawing

Multiple Installation Precautions|Huahai Instruments Show You One By One
Committed to provide solution for field instruments

1. Prevent the transmitter from contacting with corrosive or overheating measured medium.
2. Prevent the dross from depositing in pressure guiding pipe.
3. The shorter the better for pressure guiding pipe.
4. Pressure head of liquid column in pressure guiding pipe at two sides should keep in balance.
5. Pressure guiding pipe should be installed at the place with little temperature gradient and temperature fluctuation.
6. Prevent pressure pipe from crystalizing or freezing at low temperature.
7. Do not unscrew the exhaust / drain valve lest sealed steel ball drop down.

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